Sam Holden: A best online cash player

Sam Holden is a male poker player. His city of origin is the United Kingdom’s.

He ranks 70th in the all England all time money list which is a good enough achievements. In the all time money list his current rank is 996. He ranks 788th in the all time list in best rank. He holds the 6,495th position in global poker index rankings. His popularity rankings are 161st in the entire poker market. In the worlds pockets fives online rankings he stand 410th position. He has total online earnings of $829,145. His best live cash is $728,115. His total earnings are $1,195,065 which is not so bad.


Stamatis A. "Sam" Mastrogiannis ventures in poker have been rewarding for him

Poker poses tough challenges that require players to play with shrewdness and strategic predictions.

There have been various tournaments that are hosted at the global level; however, not all countries have succeeded in producing excellent players at these significant events. Normally, these games are won by Americans though Canadians and Britons have equally catapulted their nationals to the top-echelon of poker. Stamatis A. "Sam" Mastrogiannis is a Greek-American whiz poker player who has managed to clinch bracelets twice at the World Series of Poker circuits (WSOP).

Billy Pappaconstantinou Boasts Great Poker Talent and Potential

The poker table has its owners when one thinks of the outcome of principal events that are organized globally. There are those players who will leave nothing to chance when it comes to clinching the trove top prizes and making a name in the poker arenas.

Jeff Lisandro-Poker to have won 5 WSOP

A game is what an individual choose to play so. A game can be of any mode or choice, you need to excel the game whichever you choose to move on. You need to really know a lot to play the game most successfully.

Successful players are more in numbers, as like a game when you consider like Poker, there are really a lot in numbers. Poker game is a professional game played by players who are sound in their profession.

Marc Etienne McLaughlin : A Player of Magic Figure

He is player of great dedication and strong will power in game of poker. He is a player who plays game with only dedication and none other. He is player who plays the game in his own style. He is player of great tribute after looking at his record we can understand that he is the player who has lot of patience when he plays the game of poker.


Jason Mercier-Poker possesses 2 bracelets

When you wish to play the game, you can choose nay game, but before that you need to know a lot about the game, and the game is really thrilling or exciting for you to continue. Don’t you agree so? It should be in order to know the game thoroughly and fully too. Know the game fully to give it perfectly at the end. When you consider the game as poker, you need to skill in the process of handling those cards so that you can win the game. Professionals can give you some ideas.


Liv Boeree famous poker player in England

Liv Boeree was born on 18 July 1984 in England. She is a professional player of poker. She won one Title in European poker tour. She cashed total 12 times in World Series of poker tournaments. She cashed only once in World poker tour tournaments. She finished in the final table of European poker tour only one time. She cashed total eight times in European poker tour tournaments. She is not only poker player but also a model in England.


Ben Lamb: from a complete failure to one of the most successful players

Ben Lamb was born on 31st march of the year 1985. He is a citizen of America and has recognised as one of the most successful poker players. He made his name by winning the main event of World Series of Poker in the year 2011. He is one of those poker players who are interested in only world championships and not in other bracelets. Despite his natural talents at this game, Ben Lamb was not a big name in the poker industry. His ranking was not very significant. But his style of playing poker games is the thing that makes all the difference.


Taking Poker to some new heights

One of the most famous card games of the world is Poker. The game has gained popularity in the recent times and still spreading itself worldwide. Earlier the game was restricted to the casinos and the houses for entertainment purposes only in the recent times the game is played at an international level. With the game becoming international the players of the game are also coming into recognition.


Eugene Katchalov, all time successful poker player

With the great personal achievements like winning the black belt in Taekwondo, as a result of 3 years training that he has attended, one should claim Eugene Katchalov as the best competitor in the poker game as well. In the school he was competitive player in the sports like tennis and basketball.