Ben Lamb: from a complete failure to one of the most successful players

Ben Lamb was born on 31st march of the year 1985. He is a citizen of America and has recognised as one of the most successful poker players. He made his name by winning the main event of World Series of Poker in the year 2011. He is one of those poker players who are interested in only world championships and not in other bracelets. Despite his natural talents at this game, Ben Lamb was not a big name in the poker industry. His ranking was not very significant. But his style of playing poker games is the thing that makes all the difference. And this has helped him in winning World Title of poker. It is worth mentioning that he had considered as a complete failure in the poker world. His rankings were always in the range of 40th to 50th positions in most of the games.
Despite his initial failures, his hard work and efforts paid off finally. He became the champion at the 2011 Championship of poker. Previously in his career he finished at 14th position in 2009 poker tournament. It was the first time he has considered as a good poker player at an international level. Following this tournament, he won the Spring Championship on 11th may of 2010.
He finished at the final table of the World Series of Poker main event in the year 2010. He won his first bracelet at the event. He has also awarded as the card player of the year. He became famous for his tricks and intelligence moves in the poker games. Again in the year 2010, he won one more poker tournament. His fame and fortune is the result of his consistent efforts and his hard work.