Eugene Katchalov, all time successful poker player

With the great personal achievements like winning the black belt in Taekwondo, as a result of 3 years training that he has attended, one should claim Eugene Katchalov as the best competitor in the poker game as well. In the school he was competitive player in the sports like tennis and basketball.

Following his school, he got graduated from Stern School of Business in the stream of Finance and International Business. During his university, he worked out with numerous medical offices playing different roles handling everything between administration to the management of these medical offices. Finally he entered into the role of day trader in the stock market.

Over time he climbed the corporate ladder in most of the well established companies. He was able to manage establishing his own hedge fund along with mastering the poker game in parallel. Both the profession and poker world seem to be giving him tough time to decide which one to choose and it was in 2003 after a long internal fight he choose to be a professional poker player leaving his financial career. His strategic moves have made considerable and instant impact on the online tables where he played with the name plate of “MyRabbiFoo”.

Later he participated in many of the live tournaments and made impressive records each record duly supported with huge cash prize. He was successful in making numerous appearances at the final tables. One who is fan of poker games should be proud of this player and take him as an inspiration for his successful career with two World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) titles of which one was in the year 2009 in the Heads up event with cash prize of $170,000 and the other was in 2012 event named as Stud Hi/Lo for $24,588. He has been renowned as the all time successful poker player.