Jeff Lisandro-Poker to have won 5 WSOP

A game is what an individual choose to play so. A game can be of any mode or choice, you need to excel the game whichever you choose to move on. You need to really know a lot to play the game most successfully.

Successful players are more in numbers, as like a game when you consider like Poker, there are really a lot in numbers. Poker game is a professional game played by players who are sound in their profession.

A professionally sound player in the game of Poker is Jeff Lisandro. Belonging to Australia, he is from the city of Perth. He is very much a popularised face in the Poker world, as he is holding around 5 bracelets with him. His mother taught him, this game. He, at first appeared in this game in 1997 and won in his debut itself. Stud of seven card and also the lowball events of 2 to 7 are some of the games which were won by him successfully. He won 2 bracelets in 7 card stud, 1 bracelet in Pot-Limit. Also in Razz, he won 1 bracelet and another 1 in 7 cards which is a stud high/low.

Beat the familiar player:

He won his first bracelet in the WSOP which was held in 2007. Jeff Lisandro beat Howard Lederer in the Event of Hold’em, where he was awarded a prize amount of $25,000. In another game of Poker Circuit of World Series, he defeated Phil Ivey where he won around $10,000. For this player, this win was considered to be a best and a perfect game, as Phil Ivey is one of the top most players in the world of poker. This player is very much famous among the players as a specialist in the cash game.