Perry added that WTP officials were impressed by the turnout last week: “It definitely met our expectations, but also exceeded them. All of the players were incredibly supportive and it’s good to see. Everyone we had as far as players were all champions. They were all just loving being around each other and playing against each other.”

Poker players from China, Brazil, Greece, Australia, Vietnam, the United States, Israel, and England turned out for the WTP’s kickoff event. The ensemble featured the likes of Chan, Chiu, Phil Hellmuth, Tony G, Jeffrey Lisandro, Men “The Master” Nguyen, and Leandro “Brasa” Pimentel. Perry recalled that when teams were eliminated from contention, they stuck around to root on their peers: “You saw teams, if they got knocked out, pulling for other countries. It was a really supportive atmosphere and definitely exceeded everyone’s expectations.”

Other teams that may take part in the World Championship Event, along with select members, include the Czech Republic (George Kozel), Germany (Daniel Heimiller), Korea (Kevin Song), Norway (Thor Hansen), the Philippines (Toto Leonidas), Switzerland (Chris Bigler), and Turkey (Rob Peltekci).