Taking Poker to some new heights

One of the most famous card games of the world is Poker. The game has gained popularity in the recent times and still spreading itself worldwide. Earlier the game was restricted to the casinos and the houses for entertainment purposes only in the recent times the game is played at an international level. With the game becoming international the players of the game are also coming into recognition.

There many national and international tournaments taking place all over the world and WSOP (World Series of Poker) is one such event where every year there are many people participate in this game and win certain amounts and also some fame. The most recognized players of this series are Phil Hellmuth, Johny Moss and Stu Ungar who won the most number of titles but in the last season of this series there is another name Ryan Riess who won the championship in year of 2013 for the main event of $10,000 Hold’ em and won $ 8,361,570.

The player was born in the year of 1990 and is a young star who gained such an amount. At very early stage of his life the guy has gained money and fame.

The WSOP was founded by Benny Binion and provides opportunities to many people to win money and play the game. The WSOP also organizes training facilities to the people who want to develop their skills and play in a better way to compete with the players of the game. The WSOP along with the cash prize offers the players with a golden bracelet which is the most respectable and honorable award given to the player playing poker and winning the game.

So if you have the desire of becoming a world class poker player and win great amounts of money then WSOP is the right place to join.